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Jeff Hardy expected to get a WWE title run


A few weeks ago, the Sunday morning news on Jeff Hardy involved WWE's storyline with Hardy "being found unconscious in a stairwell" at a local Boston hotel prior to Survivor Series.

Matt Hardy says he has no such worries about Jeff in real-life, though.

"I think these days Jeff gets a bad rap for some of these things, because Jeff is really good and he's in a great place in his life," Matt Hardy told Mike Mooneyham in the Charleston Post-Courier. "There was a time, if you go back to 2003, had you asked me if I was worried about Jeff, I would have told you that I really was worried about Jeff. Now I have zero worries about him."

Matt says he doesn't even worry when he sees Jeff take huge risks in the ring (or out of the ring on the floor) because Jeff is a free spirit who usually is in control of his body.

"It's no big deal for him to take some kind of huge risk, and he really doesn't worry about the consequences," Matt said. "Sometimes in life that's how it is. It's hard for him to live in a system to a degree. But Jeff is actually doing real well right now."

Does he think WWE will take the next step with Jeff and put the WWE Title on him, which is currently held by Edge?

"I think WWE will pull the trigger on him. I hope they do because it's something he totally deserves," Matt said. "He's sacrificed his body and everything he has for the professional wrestling/sports entertainment business through WWE. I think it'll happen sooner rather than later. Jeff has really grown up and matured a lot inside."
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