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Jim Ross On Elijah Burke's Release, RAW Problems, More

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry. Ross wrote this blog from overseas in the UK, where WWE is currently touring. Some highlights:

- Listening to Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura doing commentary on a Gene Okerlund hosted WWE broadcast. Lots of fun, the broadcast team was great in the 80’s.

- Raw was wild and “raw” Monday night with many behind the scenes TV production challenges or so I was told by those that were there. Getting ready to watch it in a few moments.

- Manchester is one of approximately 16 WWE sellouts on this tour. We are recording 2 Friday nite Smackdowns Tuesday nite. Hope the pipes hold out. These Smackdowns will take us right up to the Survivor Series in Boston.

- Watching Dynamite Kid as I write this. He was pretty damn amazing.

- Elijah Burke’s whereabouts are now well know as he was cut by the WWE in recent hours. Burke is a good talker and if I were him in addition to staying in wrestling, if he chooses, I would give Hollywood a shot. Tough break for Elijah but he cannot look at it as the world’s end.
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