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Update on the WWE Releases, WWE Stars Out Last Night

- recently conducted an interview with sidelined superstar Evan Bourne. On the topic of his injury Bourne said “There’s nothing I hate more than watching from the sidelines…If I could take off this big cast they stuck me in, I would get in the ring. But it’s a serious injury.” As we reported here several weeks ago, Bourne is expected to miss up about 4 months of ring time. Bourne also noted that he has had his eye on the ECW Championship since 1999.

- WWE may have strategically made the decision to release their latest round of wrestlers over the course of several weeks as opposed to all at the same time. The report suggests that the move was done to appease Wall Street, and to let them know that they are constantly evaluating their talent and making cut backs when necessary. In addition, it’s being said that releasing talent one-by-one as opposed to all at once keeps the talent on their toes, and ensures they are always on their best behavior, as cuts could happen at anytime.

- Several WWE Superstars and Divas including Randy Orton, Umaga, Brian Kendrick, Mickie James, Candice Michelle, R-Truth, Matt Striker, Eve Torres, Jeff Hardy and others were spotted at a popular Asian restaurant in Boston last night. It should be noted that John Cena, Sr. and Gail Kim were also there.

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