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wrestling_dirt's Journal

Wrestling News for Real Wrestling Fans!
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This is community is for the wrestling fan. I would like this community to not only be a place where wrestling news can be found, but good conversation about wrestling and its going ons. This community does not focus just on the WWE. It will encompus all pro wrestling. I am hoping this commuinty will focus on wrestling as a whole just not the WWE.

By all means chime in with your opinions, comments or thoughts on wrestling. Even what you may have though about a recent show such as a PPV, RAW, SmackDown!, ECW, TNA's weekly show. Anything and everything wrestling related!

Community Rules

1. No flame wars, lets all get along it is fine to disagree with someone on a topic. There is no reason to attack the person posting their opinion.

2. Try to be active.

3. To comment or post you must be a member of this community

4. If you have some news by all means please post it here! Local advertisments about main events are hard to come by for house shows. If something is in the mainstream press please give us the link!

5. Enjoy this community it was created for all wrestling fans. So lets all enjoy our passion for wrestling together.

Who else is love?
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